Thoughts from August 2011

Big Knit knitter of the week

One of our favourite things about the big knit is getting to know the knitters behind the hats. This week we'd like to introduce you all to Treasa from Dublin. Treasa is what's known around Fruit Towers as a knitting extraordinaire. Here are some wonderful things we'd like to share about Treasa.

Last year Treasa knit loads and loads of hats for the big knit.

This year she has already knit 117 hats.

She's got her gran kids and their friends knitting too.

She can multitask like a pro, knitting and playing bingo at the same time.

If you'd like to chat and knit with Treasa you'll find her at Age Action's knitting groups, open to everyone from 11am every Wednesday and Saturday. Age Action shop on Camden Street..

Here she with her granddaughters Ella & Theresa


For more patterns and knitting info, take a peek here -

Big knit radio knit off

Screen shot 2011-08-19 at 14.04.38

Forget the All Ireland Championship. Inter county rivalry has been taken to a new level...through the power of knitting. Seven local radio stations across the country have signed up to support this year's innocent big knit and over the next few weeks they'll be taking each other on to see whose listeners are the nation's greatest knitters. Tune into your local radio station below and make sure to get your hats into the station by the 9th of September. They'll count them up and send them into us here in Fruit Towers.

To keep track of which station is knitting their way to the top, check out our radio knit off knitometer on our facebook page.
Here's a list of stations to tune into to follow and take part in the big knit radio knit off:

Highland Radio - The Shaun Doherty Show & the Steven Lynch Show

West Radio - Tommy Marren Show

Tipp FM - Tipp Today Show with Seasmus Martin

Shannonside - The Joe Finnegan Show

Northern Sound - The Joe Finnegan Show

Midlands 103FM - Midlands Today with William Faulkner

KCLR - The Sue Nunn Show

98fm The Steve Cooper Show

For big knit info and knitting patterns, check out the innocent big knit homepage here

Hat of the week August 19th

We think last week's hat of the week winner, a fisherman hat, must have been, emm fishing, because this week's hat of the week (and catch of the day)'ve guessed it, a fish. This woolly wonder was knitted by Fiona Finn from Dublin, who has already knitted an amazing 70 hats. There's a smoothie hamper it's way to Fiona.

110819 Fiona Finn, Dublin

Want claim your spot on the big knit wall of fame? Get your hats in early to be in with a chance. Find out everything you need to know about the big knit right here.

Hat of the week august 12th

After Ger O'Dowd took the first hat of the week we couldn't wait to choose the next week's hat. With exquisite detail and wonderful knitting, this week's hat knocked our socks off when it arrived in Fruit Towers Dublin. A hat so detailed that even it's details have details. The knitter of this week's hat and newly crowned knitting queen is Fiona Meagher from Cork who knitted this amazing fisherman hat.

110812 Fiona Meagher, Cork

Want claim your spot on the big knit wall of fame? Get your hats in early to be in with a chance. Find out everything you need to know about the big knit right here.