Thoughts from December 2011

Brighten up your street visits Carlow

Directions to Carlow, check, address for the next Brigthen up your Street winner, check, keys to a grass covered van full of innocent orange juice, double check. So, that's how it went down on Saturday morning before we hit the road to Borris, in County Carlow.Ellen, from Borris, had entered our innocent Brighten up your Street competition asking us to pick her street because ''all my neighbours are so friendly and warm and I think it would bring some well deserved sun to them all". When, we arrived in Borris, we couldn't agree more.

We delivered innocent orange juice to Ellen and her neighours and met some lovely people along the way. Here's the lovely Ellen taking her Brighten up your Street delivery.

Borris, Carlow

This weekend we'll be making our very last Brighten up your Street delivery so if you fancy having your street brightened up by a free delivery of orange juice from innocent Just click here and tell us why.