Thoughts from July 2011

Kids' juicy drink competition

Need a way to refresh your kids but don't have a swimming pool or hosepipe to hand? Well, spray no more, as we've come up with a drink that does refreshment for kids like no other. Coming soon, to supermarket shelves near you, our new kids' juicy drink is a blend of pure fruit juice, a dash of spring water and absolutely nothing else. Every carton ticks off one of your kids' 5-a-day and stops water being boring.

What makes them so refreshing?

It's a blend of pure fruit juice and spring water, with no colourings, preservatives or sweeteners and it is never ever made from concentrates. Simple, really. It's available in juicy orange and delicious apple, and is perfect for lunchboxes and hot summer afternoons.


It gets better, we're giving away an innocent kids' juicy drink hamper for one lucky blog reader. All you have to do is answer this question. What two fruits are used in our new kids' juicy drink.

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innocent veg pots have landed.


We waited, and then waited some more, with forks in hand and mouths open. innocent veg pots have finally landed on Irish shores. You can get them in selected Tesco stores.

Veg pots are quick and delicious meal made from 3 portions of veg, wholegrains, or pulses and tasty sauce, with herbs and spices. Our smoothies have always made it nice and easy for people to get a bit more fruit into their diets, so we're now doing the same for veg.

They come in eight tasty recipes, are great for a lunch and ready in 4 minutes. Check out more about our veg pots here.

A hamper full of smoothies...

To celebrate the launch of our new smoothie carton sizes we had a competition (see below) to give away a hamper full of (you guessed it) smoothies.

We had a lot of entries and a lot of correct answers. We really must make our questions a little trickier. The correct answer is "Strawberries and Bananas".

The lucky winner is Emer Breen.

Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned as we'll have another competition soon.


There's no better way to celebrate the launch of our new smoothie carton sizes've guessed it, giving away some smoothie cartons. We've a smoothie hamper up for grabs for one lucky reader. How do I win, you might be asking. Well, just post a comment below with your answer to the following (pretty easy) question and we'll announce the winner next week.

Question: What smoothie recipe made an appearance in last Mondays blog post?

Hint, look at the picture.