New book competition winner

To celebrate the launch of our new book called "Hungry? The innocent recipe book for filling your family with good stuff",we announced a competition on Monday to give away 5 copies. Thanks to everybody who entered and answered the question - "What's your best parent trick to get kids eating fruit and veg?"

We could only pick 5 winners though. They are (drum please)....

Monica Duffy - "Get the kids to help you prepare the fruit/veg, just careful with the knives"

Sorcha King - "I think encouraging the children to grow the fruit and vegetables themselves, pick out the seed, sow them, take care if them and then et the fruit or vegetables when they are ready. Works great for getting adults to try new things too"

Roisin Stapleton - "Chop the vegetables they dont like up really small and then cover it in something they do like, I cover whatever they don't like in cheese and bake the cheese in the oven until golden brown, works every time"

Jaki - "Decorating pizzas with veg to make funny faces and pictures!"

Beatrise T - "Presentation is the key! Kids are more likely to eat their veggies if they are presented in fun shapes. Another thing that works is re-naming (for example broccoli could be re-named as 'giant's trees') or even implying superhero powers :) I don't have kids myself yet but this really worked for me. My mum told me that I will grow taller if I'll eat a lot of 'giant's trees'.. and I didn't want to be short :)"

We'll be in touch shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. You can see previews of the book here if you're interested in picking up a copy yourself.