Big (and slightly smaller) change is afoot

Sound the trumpets, hoist the flags, this is a momentous, err, moment. We're welcoming two new carton sizes to the family. We've been making our drinks in 1 litre cartons for more than 6 years now, and they have served us well. However, the time has come for our 1 litre cartons to enter retirement.

Whilst we’ll miss them, coming soon to a store near you* are our new 750ml and value 1.25L cartons.

We’re always trying to work out the best carton size for our drinkers, and over the years we’ve had quite a few requests to make smaller or larger cartons. 750ml is a good size for those who've always struggled to finish our 1L cartons. 1.25L is a good size for those with many mouths to feed (or one very hungry mouth).

To our 1L cartons, we say thank you for the smoothie storing work you've done. To our 750ml & 1.25L cartons, we say a warm welcome to the family. We know you'll do us proud.


In terms of pricing for our new cartons, we want to be absolutely transparent. Ultimately, it’s up to individual stores what they choose to charge for our drinks, but the RRP** for our new 750ml carton is €3.69, and for our 1.25L carton it is €4.99. This means our 750ml cartons are cheaper per pack, but cost more per ml than our old 1L cartons. Our 1.25L cartons are a higher price per pack, but are the same price per ml as our 1L cartons. We do understand that times are tight so our new cartons will be on promotion in stores across Ireland as much as possible.

Since we launched our 1L carton in Ireland in 2004 we haven't increased our prices, in fact in 2009 we reduced our prices considerably. Since then lots of things have happened which means it now costs more to make our drinks than it used to (namely, fruit prices have gone up, and we use quite a bit of fruit).

We know that some people will be disappointed by this change, but we hope you can understand that we want to continue to make smoothies from the best quality fruit at affordable prices.

* Different stores will launch on different dates from June – September, beginning this week with Tesco and Superquinn.

** Recommended retail price.