Thoughts from October 2011

Our first brighten up your street delivery

Our brighten up your street competition has been up and running for the last few weeks on facebook and we've had loads of great entries. On Saturday, we headed out to the first lucky winner in Blackrock, Dublin to deliver refreshing innocent orange to Leonie Lawlor and family, and all her lovely neighbours.


Leonie's reason for wanting to Brighten up her Street was "We have a great mix of people who've lived on this road for years and people who are new to the area - I know everyone would enjoy a surprise of an Innocent Juice delivery on their doorstep". Well, we couldn't have agreed more, and we hope our delivery of orange juice brightened up the cold morning for Leonie and all her neighbours. We'll be visiting and brightening up more streets in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our facebook wall for the latest updates. To be in with a chance to brighten up your street and win a free delivery of innocent orange for all your neighbours, just click here.

Door drop davor_2000x1335.shkl

5 hats of the week

Last week and this week have seen so many hats coming through the doors of Fruit Towers Dublin has meant that picking this week's hat of the week is a tough task. To make it easier on ourselves, we've decided to pick 5 different hats from 5 different knitters.

First up are Aoibheann and Aisling from Dublin with their cute rodent in a wedding dress.

Aoibheann & Aisling, Dublin

Next is this lovely leprechaun hat hat that came from the Clontarf Private Nursing Home.

Clontarf Private Nursing Home, Dublin

Eva from Dublin knit this cool koala hat. It looks like it's waving at us too.

Eva, Dublin

Irene from Wicklow knit us this beautiful hat. With winter coming we'd love a full size version.

Irene, Wicklow

Our last hat of the week is actually of mixture of two hats from the Leeson Park Nursing Home. We thought the little piggy hat would look rather fetching wearing this green jumper hat.

Leeson Park Nursing Home

Thanks so much to all the knitters above, we'll be sending you all out some innocent smoothie vouchers.

Hat of the week - Jedward

If this week's hats of the week could talk they'd probably say; "OMG it's time for hat of the week. Totally like the coolest part of the week". You might have guessed by now, but this week's hat of the week, awesomely knitted by Granagh from Donegal, are Jedward. They even have little jackets to tell each other apart. Great work from Granagh. There are some innocent vouchers on their way to her now.

The big knit deadline is today October 14th, but don't worry if you're late sending them into Fruit Towers. Send them on in and we'll make sure they get counted. You might even win hat of the year.

101014 Granagh Shiels, Donegal

Special report from our AGM

Last week, we sent blog competition winner Ronan O'Leary on an expenses paid trip over to Fruit Towers London to attend the innocent AGM (a grown up meeting). Ronan took his brother Colin along with him and we asked Ronan to write us a little report and take a few photos about how he got on. We'll pass you over to Ronan now...

"My brother and I, Colin, arrived at Fruit Towers at around 10.45am to be met by Joe’s dad, the Town Crier, I knew from that moment that it was going to be an extremely fun day. My first impression of Fruit Towers was that it really lived up to its name, it was 5 stories big. When we stepped into it the first thing I noticed was the grass floor which was a really cool feature.


We were greeted and given name tags with fruits on them, the reason for the fruits will be revealed later. We then sat down on the picnic tables waiting for the AGM to start and took advantage of the endless free smoothies. While waiting for it to begin so many staff members came up to us to have a chat, I was really impressed by the hospitality of the staff. At around 11.30 am everyone took their seats as the owners, Jon, Richard and Adam, told their story of how they set up the company. It was both interesting and funny, especially when they told how their first idea of an electric bath failed due to danger to human life!


Next we were divided into groups based on the fruits on our name tags; I was a coconut and Colin a lemon. We were then told we would be visiting numerous stations throughout Fruit Towers, my first stop was the “Make a smoothie” station. We were divided into groups of 3 and had 15 minutes to come up with a smoothie recipe, label and name. My team decided we would try to come up with a smoothie filled with berries. At the end of the 15 minutes we had made a smoothie that included raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and apple juice. We decided to call it “Berry Happy”. We didn’t win the best smoothie award but nevertheless we had a fun time making it.


Next up we went up the 2nd floor to find out more about innocent’s company strategy. You may think that sounds boring but it really wasn’t, they made it interesting by including a game of bingo that told us interesting facts about the company. Colin won his game of Bingo and won the amazing prize of pineapple, but unfortunately he lost it so if anyone found it please return it! At this station we played the game “Recyclable or not?” Thankfully all of Innocent’s containers were recyclable except for one, the kids yogurt tube.


After this it was time for dinner so I made my way downstairs for some amazing Cottage Pie and salad. 30 minutes later it was time to go again, I made the trek up the stairs to the 5th floor where we got to taste some new smoothie flavours. They were all really good so innocent fans need to look out for them! We also got to see an advert for the new innocent apple juice and we found out the difference between concentrated orange juice and innocent’s pure orange juice.


Next we were off the final station were we heard funny letters and emails that were sent into Fruit Towers in the past. Laughs were had all around. We were then told that it was nearly time for the question and answer session so we headed downstairs to be met by a table full of cakes and buns. My personal favourite was the marshmallow cupcake. The question and answer session then begun and there was a mixture of some very good and interesting questions. Finally the day ended with Joe’s dad trying to do the challenge which he was set on facebook, which he did pass!


Questions and answer with the innocent founders, Rich, Adam and Jon.


So after a brilliant day at Fruit Towers it was finally time to leave, but not before we were given a goodie bag by the staff. Thanks again to everyone at Innocent for a brilliant day"

Thanks again to Ronan and his brother Colin. Some fine reporting there.

Hat of the week - Angels

An air of peace and serenity took over fruit towers this week when we received the latest innocent big knit hats of the week. This week's winning hats, are three beautifully crocheted white angels from Anne Murphy. They just look so peaceful. Thanks again to Anne, there are some innocent vouchers on their way to her now.

111007 Anne Murphy

Want claim your spot on the big knit wall of fame? Get your hats soon before the big knit deadline on October 14th.

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