Thoughts from February 2012

Win a free day

Exciting news. Our friends at the Department of Time are offering an unlimited number of our lucky drinkers the chance to win a free day tomorrow*. That's right — one whole day, absolutely free.

Free day

All you have to do to take us up on this once-in-every-4-years offer is let us know what you plan to do with it. So don't delay, tell us what you'll be getting up to below and extend your year by one whole day. We'll pick the best, then to claim your prize just wake up as normal on Wednesday 29th February and go out and do something you wouldn't normally do. Something fun and a little bit reckless like eating breakfast at the nice organic cafe down the road, or having a full body massage and a mani-pedi. Your working week will move seamlessly from Tuesday to Thursday, without anyone noticing you didn’t show up on Wednesday.

It may sound too good to be true but there's no catch. Promise.

*Caribbean holiday not included. Only one prize per person. The free day must be claimed on Wednesday 29th of February. Prize is not transferable and no cash alternative will be offered. No household chores or criminal activity are to be undertaken on the free day. innocent accept no responsibility for employees failing to turn up for work.

Ready, steady, grow

Rosy cheeks. Dirty hands. And muddy footprints in the hallway.

When the frost has melted away, there's nothing better than getting the little ones outdoors for fresh air and a bit of gardening. This springtime, we want to get loads of kids in Ireland outside planting and harvesting their own gardens. From March until the end of April, every box of our kids smoothies or fruit tubes will come with its very own pack of easy to grow seeds. There are six different varieties to collect including carrots, tomatoes, cress, basil, violets and sunflowers. The best part is that all grow into something you can eat - delicious.

Innocent smoothies for kids seeds

Whether your garden is big, small or not much at all, our seeds can be grown in containers of all shapes and sizes. From empty smoothie cartons, to welly boots and window boxes – everyone can take part. Getting kids sowing and growing is a great way for them to learn where their fruit and veg actually comes from and it turns out they’re more likely to eat stuff they’ve grown themselves too - so it’s another clever way to get them eating their greens.

Seeds growing

Every pack has handy growing instructions, cut out and keep plant markers and loads of cool plant facts. Keep an eye on and follow us on twitter @innocentIreland for information on our exciting schools competition which we'll be launching this week.

Spring cress

It's spring, the days are getting longer (we like egg sandwiches), so we decided to plant some cress on our window sill. We waited patiently for something to appear...


and were super excited on this grey Monday morning to find these lovely shoots in the cup.


Keep an eye here for some more sow & grow updates to come.

Valentine's smoothie

We’re a bit sick of Valentine’s Day cards. Not everyone’s a fan of Cupid’s arrows flying across the page or doe-eyed teddies holding shiny hearts hopefully. Behold our special label generator.


Personalise your very own label of love & give it to the person in your life who makes you go a bit weak at the knees. Check it out, get creative and freshen your breath in anticipation of the inevitable. It's way better than a tacky card. Now go forth and be loving.