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Do you love pretty wool, colourful felt, shiny buttons and all things craft? If so, the Knitting & Stitching Show is the place for you.

For the last two years we've brought the innocent Big Knit to the Knitting & Stitching Show at the RDS, Dublin. We're back again this year from 1st to 4th November for some little hat knitting, loads of smoothie drinking and lots of chat. For tickets head over to the show's website.

We've got 5 pairs of tickets to give away to the show. For a chance to win, tell us who you'd bring along to the show and why you think they are great. We pick 5 winners & announce them next week.

This competition is now closed.

The innocent big knit

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my mum, cause she knitted me tooooo many jumpers when I was a littlenicecutebaby child :)

my housemate because she loves knitting and it would cheer her up from the not-so-nice period she is having at the moment

I'd bring my Mum as she taught me to knit at age 5, my first completed project was a knitted jumper for one of my teddies. We now have a shared interest in knitting and love getting involved in The Big Knit for Age Action each year. She's one of my best friends and we have enjoyed trips to the Knitting & Stitching show for many years so free tickets would make the day even better :)

My sister - even though she works long hours, she still finds time to knit her two little girls scarves, jumpers and teddies too! What's more she's passed the craft bug to me too :)

I'd bring my mum. she'll be over from France next week and as she has helped me with the little hats for the last 4 years (i think), it would be a nice way of saying thank you

I would bring my 10 year old daughter, who loves knitting and is busy with her schoolmates knitting 100 hats for the Big Knit!!! Its so important to encourage kids to knit and as one of the volunteer teachers in the knitting class, I would love to be able to bring back some more knitting knowlege to all the children who are so eager to learn this wonderful craft!!!

I'd bring my Mam and the bag of hats I've knitted that are currently in the booth of my car. My mam taught me to knit and loves the idea of the big knit. Now that she's retiring I think it would get her back knitting again

I'd bring my friend Clare she knits for her nieces and nephew and helped me knit tiny hats for the big knit last year . We love beautiful wool to use for our knitting projects and it can be hard to find stockists in Ireland. I really enjoyed my trip to the show last year.

I would bring my daughter Emma who is the most amazing knitter. Her finish on a garment is so neat and professional. She knits beautiful sweaters and cardigans for my grandchildren and their friends. She always has a couple of projects on the go. We spent a day last year together at the show and really enjoyed it.

My neighbour as we both love knitting and teach each other as we go along

I'd bring my little ginger cat. Obviously she enjoys a lazy pat at the bobbing sphere of wool as the needles twine it into a hat but once she dozes she appreciates my sitting as quiet as a cushion.

I'd bring my super mam, she taught me to knit and it would be lovely just the 2 of us on a day out without my 3 small ones!

I'd bring my Auntie Chris (my stand in mammy since my dear mother passed in 2008). She loves knitting and is a great source for patterns and scrap bits of wool.

Id love to go and id bring my mam, she'd really enjoy it! I havent been to the show yet :)

I would take my wife she has taken care of me during 2012 after a road accedent she has always wanted to go but the overall cost has stopped her she is the one i want to take just to see the smile on her face


I would bring my employee, Emma Phelan. She has never knitted before, has done loads of hats already and still manages to do a great job :) - She deserves a wolly reward!!!

My big sister, Davinia! She is a true crafty beggar and such an inspiration - you can't help but be in a jolly mood when she's around (it probably helps that she generally brings homebaked goods with her). I'm nearly finished knitting my first teddy; an elephant named Tom Hanks, and would love to get to the show to learn more! We've recently become obsessed with quilting and need to find some Guru Quilter - it would really make my day/week/year if we won tickets :)
p.s. we are 'sew' excited about having our Big Knit party in two weeks!!

I would bring my amazing mum. When I was in primary school and we were learning to knit I really struggled to pick it up particularly as I'm left handed but mum sat patiently with me as I practiced until I finally grasped it and I never looked back. For everything from knitting to supporting me when doing exams, and in more recent years helping me out when my children were born she has always been there to offer a helping hand or a word of encouragement. She does this not only for me but for my two sisters as well and she would love to come to the show particularly this year as she is reving up her knitting needles to make baby clothes for her next grandchildren - twins! My sister is due the babies around Christmas and no doubt mum will be on hand to help out yet again!

I'd definitely go with my mum. My grandmother knitted, as did my mother; and it's only now I can appreciate it - and have recently learned to knit aswell. I emigrated a few years ago, and now my mum will be joining me too - so it'd be wonderful to take some aran wool back with us!

I'd bring my dad. He was diagnosed with cancer last year, and whilst not the most typical male bonding activity - knitting has been a great distraction & something we can both participate in & share.

I would take my partner to the show. I've only ever knitted things for myself, but beinging in such a supportative, respectful, and caring relationship has made me a little less self - centred!

I's have to bring my norwegian elkhound. He has a stunning coat and I've even kept the hair he has shed in the hopes of having it carded into wool some day. He'd feel right at home at the show & has inspired me to knit a scandanavian style jumper.

I would take my favourite teacher - after all the life changing inspiration, a trip to the show would be the least I could do!

I would bring my best friend - we've been through all our mutual ups & downs together; and this would be a great day out. We both love knitting & have several future projects which need stocking up for!

My next door neighbour is an amazing 87 years young and it would be an honour to take her. I check in on her every day for a chat and she showed me how to knit. She has some fascinating stories about Ireland and its history.

I would love to bring my sister as she is an amazing crafter. She makes lovely tea cosies! We're both knitters and this year she wants me to teach her how to crochet - but I need some help to get her started. Little hats for the big knit would be a great starter project - So a trip to the knitting and stitching show would be brilliant! Thank you!

I'd bring my daughter Maeve who started knitting a few weeks ago & has almost finished a cotton top. She's on the look-out for nice patterns & unusual blends in wool, & has great ideas & energy.

It would be great to bring my very patient instructor from our knitting group- Kathleen. In the last two years she has got me knitting socks, cabled cardigans, and now she has me trying Carrickmacross lace. I feel sure I would be trying a dozen new techniques after going to the show with her!

My friend Jenny from work. She is on a mission to crochet Christmas presents for all her family including inlaws and still has time to make some hats for the big knit.

I would bring my best friend as both of us are great knitters.....but haven't yet been involved in The Big Knit, (except to buy some 'hatted bottles')....
But this year would love to knit some little hats! And she has 3 trunk loads of wool saved up over years to be used up..!

Hi! Great prize! I would bring my mum - a very talented knitter! She makes brilliant hats for the Innocent Big Knit each year (last year an old lady knitting, the year before a Cinderella hat...and she's sent in a great entry this year too!) She's always knitting dolls, hats, gloves - everything! She made me a gorgeous hat last year - I love wearing it! The Knitting and Stitching show would be really interesting and fun for us both. Thank you!