Thoughts from August 2013

a little guide to lunches

We know it can be hard to come up with an exciting (and healthy) lunch for your little one every day. So we've teamed up with Mummypages to create a lunchbox guide. It’s for Mums, by Mums. Click here to have a look.

lunchbox guide


Win some magnets & smoothies

It’s always the same. That apple or banana you packed off to school always comes home again only looking slightly bruised, feeling a bit sweaty and smelling of stale lunchbox. We’ve got three lunchbox proof ways of helping to get more fruit into kids. Our range of juices, smoothies and fruit tubes for kids are perfect for lunchboxes.

And now for a limited time, you can get three free magnets in every pack. This year’s designs include letters, numbers and maths symbols. Perfect for spelling out your name, practicing your times tables or just sticking interesting things on your fridge door. Keep your eyes peeled for our extra special glow in the dark magnets too.

magnets in pack

Fancy winning a case of innocent smoothies for kids and a full set of our new magnets? Just let us know your favourite school lunch in the comments below and we’ll pick one winner.


never ever from concentrate

Our drinks are never ever made from concentrates, not now, not ever.

We believe that food companies should do everything they can to get food to people in its natural state. A concentrated orange juice is orange juice that has been boiled, then evaporated in a vacuum and then homogenised, resulting in a thick tar. This is then frozen and shipped to countries where it is defrosted and reconstituted with water and flavourings. Here’s a simplified drawing showing the concentration process.

the concentration process

This concentration process is very harsh and means the juice tastes cooked. We prefer our drinks to taste as delicious as possible, just like the fruit that's in them. So that's why our juice and smoothies are made from 100% pure fruit and no concentrates. Not now. Not ever.

You can check out the ingredients in all of our drinks right here.