Thoughts from March 2013

Big cheque, big cake, big knit.

This year’s innocent Big Knit was a huge success. Lovely knitters from all over Ireland knit a total of 83,632 little woolly hats. These hats sat on our smoothie bottles in shops around Ireland from January this year. A whooping 80,000 were sold which meant that €20,000 was raised for Age Action. A big big thank you to everyone who knit a little hat or bought a hat wearing smoothie.

the innocent big knit

Every Wednesday and Saturday the lovely ladies of the Age Action knitting group meet in the Age Action shop on Camden Street, Dublin, for a chat and a knit. So last Wednesday, we headed down to the shop to hand over a very big cheque and eat a very lovely cake.

Helen & Ali handed over a €20,000 cheque to Robin Webster and Eamon Timmins of Age Action.

the innocent big knit ali, helen, robin & eamon

The lovely Age Action knitters posed for a group photo.

the innocent big knit group

Thanks to Ciara from The Custom Cake Company for the amazing innocent big knit cake and cupcakes.

the innocent big knit cake

These delicious cupcakes had edible versions of some of our favourite big knit hats.

the innocent big knit cupcakes

A huge thank you to all involved. The innocent big knit wouldn’t be such a success without the lovely people who give up their time to knit and everyone who buys a hat wearing smoothie. We’re wrapping up our wool and needles for another year but keep an eye on the website for details of our next innocent big knit.





An Irish innocent smoothie

With Paddy’s weekend approaching, we’re coming up with some Irish smoothie recipes. We don’t think cabbage & potatoes would be a big seller. Tell us what you think we should make in the comments below and the one that makes us smile the most will get an innocent goodie bag.

This competition is now closed.


Irish innocent smoothie

Our goodie bag winner is Claire Kane who suggested the full Irish smoothie. Irish innocent smoothie



The innocent goodness juicer - how it works

We’re spreading some goodness all this week with our innocent goodness juicer. It’s a simple concept, you tweet a goodness message using #innocentgoodness or share a goodness message on our facebook tab and this fuels the juicer. Then you can watch your orange being juiced right here. Simple

There’s lots of technology behind the scenes to make this work. Here’s a sneak peek.

the innocent goodness juicer


The juicer is powered by this little gizmo. It’s hooked up to the internet and monitors twitter activity and goodness messages on our facebook tab.

the innocent goodnes juicer


When the #innocentgoodness hashtag is tweeted or a goodness message is shared on facebook, a request is sent over to the innocent goodness juicer to release another orange for squeezing.

the innocent goodness juicer


When the juicer kicks into action, the cogs turn which spin the daisies and the daisy chain starts to move. The juice is squeezed and flows into a catcher below.

the innocent goodness juicer


Every goodness message is displayed on this lovely wooden iPad.

the innocent goodness juicer


So that’s the science behind it. Give it a go yourself right here.

Little Big Knit hats

From the end of January lots of little woolly hats started to appear on our smoothies bottles in shops around Ireland. For every one sold, 25c goes to Age Action to help keep older people in Ireland warm. The innocent Big Knit is now coming to an end with the last of the hats on shelves. In a couple of weeks we’ll be making our donation to Age Action. So a big thanks to anyone who picked up needles to knit a hat or bought a hat wearing smoothie.

We asked you to send us your photos of what your little woolly hat is doing in its new home and got loads of loads of lovely photos. Here are some of our favourites:

Fashionable LEGO man (thanks Helen Dwyer):

innocent big knit


Gear stick warmer (thanks Rania Mikhail):

The innocent big knit


Knitted Munster man (thanks Patrick, Liam and Brendan Lenihan):

innocent big knit


Mobile phone warmer (thanks Ellie Carty):

The innocent big knit


Unicorn fashion (thanks @molly_moo1):

innocent big knit


And finally, Alex – the man of many hats (thanks Patrick Murphy):

innocent big knit


An innocent goodie bag will be on the way to all of you.