The innocent goodness juicer - how it works

We’re spreading some goodness all this week with our innocent goodness juicer. It’s a simple concept, you tweet a goodness message using #innocentgoodness or share a goodness message on our facebook tab and this fuels the juicer. Then you can watch your orange being juiced right here. Simple

There’s lots of technology behind the scenes to make this work. Here’s a sneak peek.

the innocent goodness juicer


The juicer is powered by this little gizmo. It’s hooked up to the internet and monitors twitter activity and goodness messages on our facebook tab.

the innocent goodnes juicer


When the #innocentgoodness hashtag is tweeted or a goodness message is shared on facebook, a request is sent over to the innocent goodness juicer to release another orange for squeezing.

the innocent goodness juicer


When the juicer kicks into action, the cogs turn which spin the daisies and the daisy chain starts to move. The juice is squeezed and flows into a catcher below.

the innocent goodness juicer


Every goodness message is displayed on this lovely wooden iPad.

the innocent goodness juicer


So that’s the science behind it. Give it a go yourself right here.