Thoughts from November 2013

Movember – The end

The time has come, the last Friday of Movember. Tomorrow the innocent mo team will say goodbye to their little furry friends. We're very proud of our mo bros Keith and Tim who have raised money for a very worthy cause.

We will miss the little guys, but I’m sure the wives will not. If like us you are feeling sad that Movember has come to end, we have provided some cute pictures of animal’s sporting some top notch mo’s to cheer you up.

There’s still time to donate to the movember team , it’s for a great cause

Hat Hall of Fame

The innocent Big Knit reached its target of 65,000 hats. We received lots of lots of lovely hats in to Fruit Towers. So picking contenders for Hat Hall of Fame was tough.

This week’s gallery included wonderful woolly creation from Aoife Canavan , Gwen Hobbs, Catherine Rotte Murray, Mrs Barker and Maureen McGarry. We’d like to say a huge thank you to them all for their hard work, amazing talent and making it such fun opening all the parcels that came through the door at Fruit Towers.


Movember update - week 3

It’s week 3 of Movember and the guys are definitely warming to their tashes, there is much less moaning and paranoia about looking like 80’s throwbacks, it’s like they’ve forgotten they’re even there.

The Mo’s have definitely taking shape this week. We thinks Keith’s has formed a fairer Ron Burgandy and Tim’s Mo is channelling Marty Whelan.

Movember week 3

Some of the innocent team having being doing a spot of Christmas online shopping and have come across an array of Mo-themed gifts that we just had to share.

Baby moustaches soothers, a perfect gift for the little person in your life

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If you know anyone who has grown fond & is going to keep their tash, perhaps you could buy them one of these moustache protector mugs for Christmas, to stop there Mo’s from getting wet after a cuppa. And for anyone who’s upper lip is feeling chilly after 30th November when the mo goes, these beard hats are not only super cool but very practical and warm. It’ll be like it never left.

And finally, this week we had another member of the innocent team join Keith &Tim in the Movember challenge…

It's all for a good cause so please donate to our fantastic Mo team:





Movember update – Week two

So it’s week two of movember, and the guy’s mo-gress is coming along nicely & to be honest we reckon they’re grateful for them as it had gotten a little colder outside.However we think it did give them less aero dynamic’s this week at the Dublin Run In The Dark 10k that the innocent team took part in (we think Tim may have given his tash a sneaky trim to get a faster time).


To give the guy’s some support this week the innocent mo-sista’s have got involved.

It's all for a good cause so please donate to our fantastic Mo team:

Big Knit my Hat

During this year’s Big Knit, hat lovers have the chance to win a full size version of a little Big Knit hat.

How? We hear you ask. It’s Easy, all you have to do is just take a photo of you with your behatted smoothie bottle, post it on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #IrishBigKnit and you could win a big version of your little hat, knitted by one of our super in-house knitters.

Every week for four weeks, a winner will be announced on our Facebook & Twitter pages. So get snapping.

For every hatted smoothie sold, 30c goes to Age Action. So as well as getting a delicious fruit smoothie with a super cute hat, you’ll also be helping to keep older people in Ireland warm this winter.