Thoughts from January 2014

Power to the people in Peru

This is Ravelina, you may recognise her and her family from such video’s as our ‘Chain of not Good’.

How did Ravelina & her family become the stars of our new Chain of not Good video? The innocent foundation has worked with Practical Action in Peru for the past 4 years. Practical Action use technology, such as safe sanitation, renewable energy and clean water to help poverty around the world. They helped Ravelina and her family get a Solar panel, which gave their home electricity which enabled her to power her electric spinner, so she could make more wool to sell at the market which helped her support her family.

You can click here to check out more stories from the innocent foundation, which are made possible because our drinkers buy our drinks. So remember don’t break the chain of good. #tastesgooddoesgood