Thoughts from September 2014

a word about our fruit

There is a lot of talk on the news at the moment about imported frozen berries being linked with Hepatitis A. We want to reassure our drinkers that we have really strict measures in place to ensure that the fruit used in our drinks has no threat of contamination.

The reason why frozen berries are in the limelight is because they have some manual handling when picked. They are then frozen with no treatment, so if there has been any poor handling of the berries, there is no protection.

Since viruses like Hepatitis are spread via infected food handlers primarily, here at innocent, we focus our risk management strongly on standards in the supply chain and understanding practices on the farms in the countries we source from and in the processing areas. The key areas we focus on are; good personal hygiene (awareness of need for hand washing and provision of suitable facilities), exclusion from work policies if people are ill, management of water quality and water sources, control around the use of manures as fertilisers, and awareness and flagging of any disease hot spot or outbreak areas. The key for us is having visibility of and confidence in the standards in the supply chain from which we are sourcing. We also have a gentle heat treatment of all our drinks to kill any nasty bugs.


Find out more about the risk of imported frozen berries here

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