Thoughts from April 2015

Big Knit, bigger cheque.

This week we were joined by our record-breaking (and very glamorous) knitters to take our €20,000 donation to Age Action off our hands.




The €20,000 is a result of collecting 65,000 little hats, hand knitted by the Irish public, so thank you very much. Without your little hats, we wouldn’t be able to help older people stay warm and well in winter.


For more information on how the Big Knit helps loads, visit:



We’re officially amazing.

Nothing to see here, just the Guinness Book of Records confirming that we are ‘officially amazing’. 

You may remember us attempting to break the existing World Record for the ‘Largest display of knitted sculptures’ last November when we officially launched the Big Knit. Well, this month, we received confirmation that we had in fact broken the existing record (8845) by displaying 9,100 little hats in the Little Museum of Dublin.

It’s safe to say we’re pretty chuffed here in Fruit Towers (and a little smug.).