Thoughts from November 2015

Do more, DoNation.


Every year in January we vow to lay off the Maltesers, stop using the lifts and only drink tequila in an emergency. But this year we're kicking off the resolutions early and getting started on our DoSomethingToday campaign with the DoNation.

The idea is that everyone here in fruit towers makes little changes to reduce their individual carbon footprints that will add up to big changes when we put them together. Our final aim as a business is to save 30,000kg of CO2 – that's the same as the carbon emitted from the production and shipping of 375,000 bananas.

Examples of our pledges are:


  • Make meat a treat and cut down on a few meaty meals a week
  • On your bike: Swap out petrol for pedals
  • Cool cleaning: reduce the temperature of your weekly clothes wash from 40 to 30 degrees.
  • Get grounded: take one less flight per year
  • Tea time: don’t boil more than you need
  • Computer says no: Switch off our computers every night
  • Eat up: reduce food waste


 Have a look here if you fancy joining in.

Also, here’s a photo of our DoSomethingToday team leader, Brendan, looking very smart and sustainable. You’re welcome.

innocent smoothies – fruit made easy


We’re biased, but we think fruit and veg are brilliant. The trouble is, a lot of us don’t get enough of it. Only 9% of Irish adults their recommended 5-a-day at the moment. So if you think you fall in the 91% (excellent maths), try to eat some more fruit & veg. And if you can’t eat it, drink it.

Think portable. Think fruit bowl. Think portable fruit bowl.

If you would like to read more about how our smoothies help towards you getting your 5-a-day, visit our website for lots more information:

A Big Knit knitting morning in Age Action

The Big Knit is in full swing and we’re receiving little hats thick and fast and getting one step closer to our 65,000 little hat target every day (yay).

With just over a month to go until the deadline, we held a Big Knit knitting morning in the lovely Age Action shop on Camden St. last Wednesday and we were joined by the even lovelier Delo, Winnie and other knitters who called in for a chat, a smoothie and a cupcake (in no particular order).   Knitters have until December 11th to send in hats so if you haven’t started yet, there’s still time. Get involved and get knitting. What are you waiting for? 


The Big Knit phrasebook

Over the past six years, the Irish public has knit an astonishing 390,000 little hats for the innocent Big Knit and has helped raise €120,000 for Age Action who help older people stay warm and well during the harsh conditions of our Irish winters.

Little hats, little film

To help raise awareness for the Big Knit 2015, we created a short film featuring four lovely knitters trying to navigate their way around today’s confusing maze of teen vernacular (that’s a big word). This ‘Gogglebox meets grannies’ fly-on-the-wall footage sees the two leading ladies try to get their heads around some phrases of our modern day ‘slanguage’(we made that word up). Everything from ‘swag’ to ‘squad goals’, turn up the LOL-ume (geddit?) and check it out-

From now until December 11th 2015, we’re calling out to veteran knitters and newcomers alike, to pull up a comfy chair, grab their knitting needles & wool and cast-on for this brilliant cause – and help keep older people well, warm and ‘on fleek’.