Thoughts from October 2015

Modern day horror stories

Horror in the modern age - it ain’t pretty.

It’s almost Halloween and we’re proud to say we don’t scare that easily. Maybe we’re just really tough but we’ve never been afraid of sexy cats. Or sexy witches. Or sexy members of the Village People. As brave as we are though, there are some things that we can’t help but tremble at the thought of:

1.    Less than 10% phone battery.

2.    Dublin house prices.

3.    The wifi is down.

4.    The M50. On a Friday.

5.    Lifts with glass floors.

6.    Bridges with glass floors.

7.    The amount of germs living on your keyboard right now.

8.    Under-ripe avocados.

9.    Over-ripe avocados.

10. Forgetting the re-usable bags when you go to do the weekly shop.

dark days ahead


It's that time of year again when half the microwaves and car clocks in the country are suddenly commended for their accuracy and obedience, while the other half become a source of mild annoyance until March. Yep, the clocks are going back an hour, which means that every night for at least two weeks someone will look out of the window and reminisce about the good old days of light, saying "remember when we could still see the outside at 4pm?" But those days of light are over. We need to be ready. We need to prepare. We need to embrace the night, and remember that good, honest people like Santa can only work under the cover of darkness. So get ready for Sunday, everyone. 1am. It's time. Literally.

A day in the country.

At innocent, we always like to leave things a little better than how we found them. We also like getting out in the fresh air and giving a helping hand where we can. To celebrate our annual Foundation day this October, we visited OWLS, the children’s nature charity, to volunteer ourselves (and our ‘lifting things’ skills) and give a helping hand with whatever tasks they had set for us for the day.


The OWLS camp is hidden in a magical wee woodland, about 20 minutes from Dublin city centre. OWLS' stands for Outdoor, Wildlife, Learning and Survival and has been a life-long dream of founder Andrew 'Mouse' Fleming to offer families and children the ability to enjoy and learn about nature and our environment. Working alongside Andrew (Mouse) are Clare (Turtle) and Eoin (Hawk), who together, run a series of outdoor events and workshops throughout the year for little ones and not-so-little ones too.

Split into several teams, we all set about our tasks for the day. Our John, B & Eamon built a very impressive raised bed for little ones to plant fruit & veg in. Our Tim, Brendan & Damian managed to build a fence while others created a grassy picnic area and play area for little ones to enjoy just outside the ‘secret garden’. We did good.

we may have broken a hammer...

hotdogs a la our Louise

Mouse, Turtle and Hawk are always looking for volunteers throughout the year to join them and give a helping hand so if you fancy getting stuck in and getting involved, you can find out more info here.  

The Big Knit is BACK.


We hope you’re sitting comfortably in your favourite chair, because we need(le)you to knit up a storm this year to help us gather 65,000 little woolly hats and help Age Action keep older people warmer this winter.

Every year, across Ireland, people just like you (yes, YOU) give up their time – and wool – to knit little hats, which we then put on top of our smoothie bottles. Every time we sell one of the little bottles wearing a hat, we donate 30c to AgeAction.

The colder months can be tough for a lot of people – research has shown that people aged over 65 are seven times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of colder temperatures, compared with those aged 18 to 44. But we can help. So far, we’ve raised €120,000 for Age Action and their Care & Repair programme and we’re aiming to raise another €20,000 this year too.

For patterns, knitter stories or wool-related gossip, drop us a line at or give us a call on 01 6644100. For more information and additional patterns visit