Thoughts from August 2016

Q: What’s grassier than a grassy van? A: Nothing. (except maybe grass)

Fancy winning some tasty smoothies? A month’s supply of tasty smoothies, to be exact. We have just the competition for you.

We’ve noticed that our grassy vans get quite a lot of attention, we’ve also noticed that quite a few of you like to share pictures of our grassy vans across your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram channels (thanks a lot). So because we like nice photos of our grassy vans and because you lot like free stuff, we want to reward the best photo with lots of tasty smoothies.


All you have to do is spot one of our grassy vans around the country, take a picture of it (a nice one), share it on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page using the hashtag #GrassyVantastic and tag us (@innocentireland) in the picture too. The best picture will be chosen by us and we’ll send you some free smoothies to say thanks. Simple.


Winners will be announced each week from now until Aug 31st so get snapping. GO.