Sow & Grow winners 2016

It’s that time of year again...

The smell of freshly cut grass is in the air, birds are singing (not nearly as loudly as Irish football fans), people are slowly starting to walk around with bare legs on show - we’ve reached our (sort of) summer, friends. As well as all of this, it’s the time of year when we visit Bloom In The Park with our friends in GIY to announce the winner of our Sow & Grow project.

The standard of growing diaries this year was so high, we needed a lot of help and lots of sitting down, to finally pick our growing champs. From stop motion films, to songs about seeds, we were so(w) impressed.

2016 champs:

After a lot of deliberation (and lots more sitting down), we finally chose our winners of Sow & Grow 2016: 1st Class, St John The Baptist N.S., Midleton in Cork.

The boys & girls of St John the Baptist N.S. joined us to bask in the glory (and lots of sunshine) at the Sow & Grow area in Phoenix Park on Thursday, where they accepted their trophy and lots of smoothies, and even got to meet the president (fancy).


We had over 1000 schools around the country involved in Sow & Grow this year – getting almost 30,000 boys and girls growing their own fruit & veg and more importantly, learning about where their food comes from (very important).

Well done to everyone involved in the project this year, you’re all winners to us (but 1st Class St John the Baptist are the actual winners, just to be clear.).  See you all next spring, we can’t wait.  


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