Thoughts from March 2016

Getting things growing in Fruit Towers

With Sow & Grow well and truly underway (packs are all gone now, sorry), we decided we’d join in on the fun this time round in Fruit Towers and showcase our planting prowess – or lack thereof in some cases…

Using our Sow & Grow packs (thank you very much GIY International), we got growing cress, peas and spinach. We sang some sweet melodies to our seeds (apparently this helps?) and put them into a bed of soil and water. Lovely.

And now we wait…8-10 days apparently. We are equally excited and scared. We feel very responsible for the life of these seeds. Far too responsible.

Don’t forget to share your growing experiences on the Sow & Grow website once you receive your packs. By uploading a Growing Diary, you will automatically qualify for Sow & Grow 2016 certificate. By uploading lots of Growing Diaries on the website, you will be in with a chance of winning the overall prize at the end – a trip to Bloom for you and your class as well as a visit to the Dublin Zoo.

Visit for more details or to register your school and upload a growing diary.