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Join us at the Big Knit-A-Long

The Big Knit is back and we're celebrating the art of knitting. 


On Thursday 13th November (12pm-4pm) we are hosting our first Big Knit-A-Long. From knitting classes with our star knitters to setting the first ever Big Knit World Record, the Big Knit-A-Long is a true celebration of our special little woolly hats.


Fancy joining us? We have 5 pairs of tickets to give away for you and your knitting pal. To enter, simply email with your name, age and address and we'll pick the winners from a hat. A woolly hat, of course.




  Big Knit-A-Long

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innocent juice, tastes good, does good.


a word about our fruit

There is a lot of talk on the news at the moment about imported frozen berries being linked with Hepatitis A. We want to reassure our drinkers that we have really strict measures in place to ensure that the fruit used in our drinks has no threat of contamination.

The reason why frozen berries are in the limelight is because they have some manual handling when picked. They are then frozen with no treatment, so if there has been any poor handling of the berries, there is no protection.

Since viruses like Hepatitis are spread via infected food handlers primarily, here at innocent, we focus our risk management strongly on standards in the supply chain and understanding practices on the farms in the countries we source from and in the processing areas. The key areas we focus on are; good personal hygiene (awareness of need for hand washing and provision of suitable facilities), exclusion from work policies if people are ill, management of water quality and water sources, control around the use of manures as fertilisers, and awareness and flagging of any disease hot spot or outbreak areas. The key for us is having visibility of and confidence in the standards in the supply chain from which we are sourcing. We also have a gentle heat treatment of all our drinks to kill any nasty bugs.


Find out more about the risk of imported frozen berries here

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Turn a smoothie box into a rocket ship

We love a recycling here in Fruit Towers. Especially when that recycling involves turning one of our kids' smoothie boxes into a rocket ship. The super talented crafter Michelle from MollyMoo shows you how. Over to you Michelle. 

If you are looking for a quick after school craft for kids then look no further than this super simple cardboard box rocket ship.

mollymoo crafts cardboard rocket ship

Hi there!  I’m Michelle and I blog over at MollyMoo, where you will often find me sharing simple kids crafts that I have made with and for my daughter.

I am so excited to be here on innocent sharing this super fun project with you -  a cardboard rocket ship made from Innocent Smoothie packaging. I must confess to being a bit of a smoothie box hoarder! It’s the perfect shape and size box for making fairy houses, birdhouses, pencil pots, you name it. I think I’m at my happiest when I’m cardboard box crafting, making pirate ships, shoebox schoolhouse and even bracelets!

Today’s project is pretty quick and doesn’t require a trip to the craft shop – you probably have everything you need right there at home, and it will surely inspire hours of imaginative space play afterward. Make and play crafts are the absolute best.

To get started here’s all you need:
- innocent smoothie box
- Cellotape and glue
- White paint (I use tester pots of emulsion paint for covering over graphics on printed boxes – one coat and you’re done!
- Black marker (permanent)
- Coloured paper
- Silver Duck Tape (if you don’t have duck tape just paint will do)

Begin by taping the top of the box shut, creating as pointy a top as you can.

mollymoo crafts cardboard rocket ship

Paint the box with the white paint and leave aside to dry – if there’s any little bit of a breeze outside pop the box on a piece of newspaper on a windowsill, with the window open an inch or two, and it will be touch dry in a very short time.

mollymoo crafts cardboard rocket ship

While the paint is drying, cut two rocket booster legs from a piece of cardboard.

mollymoo crafts cardboard rocket ship

Cover the rocket boosters with duck tape, or paint with silver or blue paint if you don't have duck tape. (using tape means no waiting for paint to dry... Always a bonus when kids are involved!)

mollymoo crafts cardboard rocket ship

Now it’s time to assemble and decorate

To create the rocket ship hatch door: trace around a jam jar lid with your black marker (another reason to love innocent smoothie boxes – the hole is already cut out for you!)

mollymoo crafts cardboard rocket ship

Glue the rocket boosters to each side of the box.

And finally just glue on pieces of coloured paper, or invite your children to get busy with packets of sticky paper stars and circles, whatever you have at hand, to add their own personality – to create a rocket ship worthy of many exciting adventures to the moon…. and back, in time for dinner xx

mollymoo crafts cardboard rocket ship

Happy Crafting


About Michelle McInerney | MollyMoo

Michelle McInerney, an Irish based graphic designer and mum of one, is the craft designer behind award winning blog - a fun and colorful online world of unique and cute crafts for children and their parents. Michelle also writes for Disney Interactive, KidsActivitiesBlog and Melissa & Doug.

Michelle can also be found on Facebook TwitterInstagram and Google+ and one of her favourite places to hang out is on Pinterest.