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Give it a goconut

We’re not sure if you’ve had the chance to taste our coconut water yet, but we reckon we’ve cracked it.

To be fair, you’re probably wondering, “what’s the big deal about coconut water, then?” We did too. Until we came up with this unique blend, made from specially selected coconuts and nothing else. No concentrates, no sweeteners, no monkey business. Just a naturally fresh-tasting coconut water that gives you that straight out of the coconut taste.

Turns out stuff this good really does grow on trees. And it’s available in lots of shops at the minute, so go on, give it a goconut. 

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Cool coconuts

While the sun seems to have left us temporarily, we like to remain optimistic here at Fruit Towers. While we await the big yellow orb in the sky to make its return, we’ve been getting prepared by making these fruity, naturally hydrating ice pops. There’s a COOL idea. Geddit? Ice lollies? Cold? COOL idea? Nevermind.  

Have a go at the recipe below, here’s what you’ll need:


  • 1 litre of coconut water
  • Fresh berries of your choice. We used 2 kiwis, 200g of strawberries and 200g of raspberries but you can use whatever tickles your fancy. Don’t forget to add in some extra for essential snacking.
  • 8 plastic ice pop moulds OR you can go DIY and use plastic cups and popsicle sticks.



Once you have all your tasty ingredients chopped and at the ready you can get down to making your ice pops.

All you have to do is place whatever mixture of fruit chunks you want in the mould or plastic cup and pour in your coconut water. Just make sure there’s enough coconut water in the mould so that the fruit chunks will freeze together in one ice pop shaped ice cube.

Pop them in the freezer and after 2-3 hours you’ll have a tasty, fruity, hydrating ice pop to cool you down after a day in the sun. Easy peasy.

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We’ve cracked it

That’s right. We’ve only gone and cracked it by making a deliciously fresh-tasting coconut water that’s the perfect natural thirst quencher.

Our coconut water is one of the few on the market that’s made entirely from 100% pure coconut water – no concentrates, sweeteners or anything added at all. We couldn’t be happier with the taste too – our unique blend of specially selected varieties of coconut (including a tasty top secret one) has this sweet, refreshing and nutty taste, perfect to cool you down on a hot day or a day where there’s average weather or even on a day when it’s raining. Handy.

So what makes our coconut water so special?


  • It’s made from 100% pure coconut water.
  • It’s a unique blend from specially selected varieties of coconut in Thailand.
  • It’s low in calories.
  • Each glass contains 26% of your recommended daily potassium to help you stay hydrated naturally.
  • We’re the only people to keep it chilled from the cracking of the coconuts to the moment you drink it, so it’s bursting with fresh taste with every sip.


The RRP for 1L cartons is €4.49 and the RRP for 500ml cartons is €2.99 but make sure to keep an eye out for special promotions across supermarkets and shops.


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