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Getting things growing in Fruit Towers

With Sow & Grow well and truly underway (packs are all gone now, sorry), we decided we’d join in on the fun this time round in Fruit Towers and showcase our planting prowess – or lack thereof in some cases…

Using our Sow & Grow packs (thank you very much GIY International), we got growing cress, peas and spinach. We sang some sweet melodies to our seeds (apparently this helps?) and put them into a bed of soil and water. Lovely.

And now we wait…8-10 days apparently. We are equally excited and scared. We feel very responsible for the life of these seeds. Far too responsible.

Don’t forget to share your growing experiences on the Sow & Grow website once you receive your packs. By uploading a Growing Diary, you will automatically qualify for Sow & Grow 2016 certificate. By uploading lots of Growing Diaries on the website, you will be in with a chance of winning the overall prize at the end – a trip to Bloom for you and your class as well as a visit to the Dublin Zoo.

Visit for more details or to register your school and upload a growing diary.


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Let’s Grow.

The innocent & GIY Sow & Grow campaign is just around the corner so get ready to grab a growing pack for you and your class or your little one's class. From March 1st, teachers will be able to go to and book a growing pack that helps to get a class of little ones growing their own fruit & veg.

We want to encourage kids to grow their own veg to help them better understand where their food comes from. We believe that by growing it themselves, kids are much more likely to eat (and enjoy eating) fruit & veg and continue with healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives.

This year, for the first time since the Sow & Grow project began, we’ll have a total of 1,000 packs to give away to schools around the country, which will enable us to get 30,000 kids in Ireland sowing & growing. Winning.


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Hats all over the shop

You've run out of milk. Your partner bought Flora instead of Kerrygold. You never did get around to picking up that replacement space hopper. There are loads of great reasons to pop down the shops this week, but the most important one is that our smoothies are now donning tiny knitted hats.

Yep that's right, the hats you lovely lot have been busy knitting (and crocheting) for the past year have finally hit the shelves and they need new homes. Pick one up now and 30c from each behatted smoothie sold goes straight to Age Action to help keep older people warm in winter. Not only that, they look great atop any animal. Trust us.

(Thanks to Lucy for sending us this picture and for bringing Daphne the guinea pig into our lives.)

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Do more, DoNation.


Every year in January we vow to lay off the Maltesers, stop using the lifts and only drink tequila in an emergency. But this year we're kicking off the resolutions early and getting started on our DoSomethingToday campaign with the DoNation.

The idea is that everyone here in fruit towers makes little changes to reduce their individual carbon footprints that will add up to big changes when we put them together. Our final aim as a business is to save 30,000kg of CO2 – that's the same as the carbon emitted from the production and shipping of 375,000 bananas.

Examples of our pledges are:


  • Make meat a treat and cut down on a few meaty meals a week
  • On your bike: Swap out petrol for pedals
  • Cool cleaning: reduce the temperature of your weekly clothes wash from 40 to 30 degrees.
  • Get grounded: take one less flight per year
  • Tea time: don’t boil more than you need
  • Computer says no: Switch off our computers every night
  • Eat up: reduce food waste


 Have a look here if you fancy joining in.

Also, here’s a photo of our DoSomethingToday team leader, Brendan, looking very smart and sustainable. You’re welcome.

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innocent smoothies – fruit made easy


We’re biased, but we think fruit and veg are brilliant. The trouble is, a lot of us don’t get enough of it. Only 9% of Irish adults their recommended 5-a-day at the moment. So if you think you fall in the 91% (excellent maths), try to eat some more fruit & veg. And if you can’t eat it, drink it.

Think portable. Think fruit bowl. Think portable fruit bowl.

If you would like to read more about how our smoothies help towards you getting your 5-a-day, visit our website for lots more information:

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