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back to school time

As the summer holidays come to a close *sigh*, it’s time to get school bags packed and organise the little ones for their big year ahead.

To help make homework time a bit more fun (sorry to all you teachers out there), our Ciara made a lovely pencil holder out of one of our carafes.

Purrrfect for all your pens and colouring pencils.


What you’ll need:

An empty juice carafe (make sure you’ve given it a good scrub).

Some glue.

A marker.

Some fancy bits and bobs for decorating like stick-on eyes, paper, stickers, paint or fake feathers.

A scissors.

An adult to help you out with those tricky scissors.


Step 1: Use a marker to mark out on the bottle where you want to cut out the top of your pencil holder.

Step 2: Ask an adult to use the scissors to cut along the marker lines.

Step 3: Now is the time to get creative and decorate your pencil holder. The choice is yours...maybe you want a scary monster or a wild multi-coloured tiger.

And there you have it, the purrfect holder for your pens and pencils. Geddit? Cat? Purrfect? No? Never-mind.