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Hats all over the shop

You've run out of milk. Your partner bought Flora instead of Kerrygold. You never did get around to picking up that replacement space hopper. There are loads of great reasons to pop down the shops this week, but the most important one is that our smoothies are now donning tiny knitted hats.

Yep that's right, the hats you lovely lot have been busy knitting (and crocheting) for the past year have finally hit the shelves and they need new homes. Pick one up now and 30c from each behatted smoothie sold goes straight to Age Action to help keep older people warm in winter. Not only that, they look great atop any animal. Trust us.

(Thanks to Lucy for sending us this picture and for bringing Daphne the guinea pig into our lives.)

A Big Knit knitting morning in Age Action

The Big Knit is in full swing and we’re receiving little hats thick and fast and getting one step closer to our 65,000 little hat target every day (yay).

With just over a month to go until the deadline, we held a Big Knit knitting morning in the lovely Age Action shop on Camden St. last Wednesday and we were joined by the even lovelier Delo, Winnie and other knitters who called in for a chat, a smoothie and a cupcake (in no particular order).   Knitters have until December 11th to send in hats so if you haven’t started yet, there’s still time. Get involved and get knitting. What are you waiting for? 


Big Knit, bigger cheque.

This week we were joined by our record-breaking (and very glamorous) knitters to take our €20,000 donation to Age Action off our hands.




The €20,000 is a result of collecting 65,000 little hats, hand knitted by the Irish public, so thank you very much. Without your little hats, we wouldn’t be able to help older people stay warm and well in winter.


For more information on how the Big Knit helps loads, visit:



We’re officially amazing.

Nothing to see here, just the Guinness Book of Records confirming that we are ‘officially amazing’. 

You may remember us attempting to break the existing World Record for the ‘Largest display of knitted sculptures’ last November when we officially launched the Big Knit. Well, this month, we received confirmation that we had in fact broken the existing record (8845) by displaying 9,100 little hats in the Little Museum of Dublin.

It’s safe to say we’re pretty chuffed here in Fruit Towers (and a little smug.).


Big Knit My Hat

During this year’s Big Knit, hat lovers have the chance to win a full size version of a little Big Knit hat.

How? Easy. All you have to do is take a photo of you with your behatted smoothie bottle, post it on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #IrishBigKnit and you could win a big version of your little hat.

Make sure to send your picture by March 6th and we'll pick a winner out of a hat (a big one, not a little one).  Go on, get snapping.

And remember, for every hatted smoothie sold, 30c goes to Age Action. So as well as getting a delicious fruit smoothie with a very lovely hat, you’ll also be helping to keep older people in Ireland warm this winter. Winning.