Looking for a bargain? The information here is on top secret, need to know only basis. Luckily it is you and everyone one that you know who needs to find this out. Is anyone looking over your shoulder? Just everyone? Ok, we're good to go then. Here's what our people in the field are reporting. 


Tesco (till the 22nd of February)

750ml super smoothies are €3.50

750ml smoothies are half price

900ml juices are €2.50

Super juices are €2.50

1.35 litre juices are 2 for €6.50

360ml super smoothies are €2


SuperValu (15th of February to the 7th of March)

1.35 litre juices are €3

250ml smoothies are €1.50


Dunnes (till the 20th of February)

1.35 litre juices are €3.50



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