Being sustainable

legacy Sustainable legacy

Last but definitely not least, we seek to redistribute some of the wealth the business creates to those people that need it. We do this by the employees, shareholders, EBT and the company of innocent drinks donating 10% of profits each year to charity, primarily to the innocent foundation, which funds rural development projects in the countries where our fruit comes from. Set up by innocent in 2004, the foundation's vision is to build sustainable futures for the world's poorest people. We aim to support people dependent on subsistence agriculture because we believe it is essential for communities to get the most out of the natural resources available to enable a sustainable and improved future.

We are proud to say that the innocent foundation since its registration in 2004 has supported 37 projects, committed almost £1.3 million to community projects and used its funding to leverage an extra £5.8 million from major public grant givers such as the EU and DFID. The foundation's projects have so far helped 505,000 people (the equivalent of 100,000 families). And it will continue to help many more.

innocent foundation

Some of the other projects we work on include:

  • buy one get one bee

    a catchy name and a project that helped to introduce over 2 million honeybees into Britain's cities and countryside.

  • drinks for the homeless

    working with FareShare to get our excess stock to those who need it.

  • taste not waste

    our little project to do good with unwanted fruit.

  • the big knit

    how knitting over 500,000 little bobble hats for our drinks raised over £250,000 for a good cause in 2009