the interview process - what we look for

We find that people who do really well at innocent tend to have strengths in some specific areas. So that's what we look for at every stage of our recruitment process. From reading your CV through to the final meeting with one of our chief squeezers, it's all about showing that you've got what it takes in spade. Here's what we're looking for:

Delivers results

Consistently deliver outstanding results themselves and through others. Tenacious in the face of obstacles and ultimately, all about delivering the donuts.

Game raisers

What we mean by people who raise their game is people who are curious and interested, who are always searching for ways to be better versions of themselves. They'll actively give and receive constructive feedback, adapting and learning quickly in response.

Great leadership

Identifying opportunities for improvement and making it happen, making sure to take others along with them. This is by no means just for managers - everyone shares in the responsibility from Day 1.

Live the values

Here's the bottom line. There are plenty of ways of getting things done but there are five qualities that we'll never compromise on at innocent. So the final must have you need to work at innocent is a commitment to the values that are central to our business - being natural, responsible, commercial, entrepreneurial and generous. Living these five values is an essential part of working here. It's sort of fundamental.

Smart steering

We look for people who can understand the complex and make it simple, who are comfortable navigating their way through ambiguous situations and coming up with great solutions.

the interviews - what to expect

If we like your application, we'll invite you down to Fruit Towers for an interview. Here's a bit of advice that should help get you through the interview process smoothly:

3 rounds of Interviews

At the first round stage, you can expect to meet the person who will be your line manager. They will want to hear all about your relevant experience and will explore whether you have the capabilities that you need to excel in the role you're being interviewed for. They're also interested in who you are, what you stand for, why you're great and when you went on holiday. And it's a good idea to read the bit above in 'the key stuff we look for' too.

At the second round, you will normally be set a challenge that's relevant to the area of the business you'll be working in. For example, if you're applying for a Sales role, it could be a role play with our Commercial Director pretending to be a buyer. You will also meet with someone from our People team who will be keen to find out more about you and your strengths, what makes you get up in the morning and where you've really made a difference. So again, make sure you've brushed up on the Miss. World speech.

Third and final round is where you get to meet the other people you'll be working closely with as well as one of the Chief Squeezers (that's our Board Directors if you want to get all formal). This is your final opportunity to shine and also to ask all of those burning questions. So prepare to dazzle.