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how we're keeping busy

We’ve always tried to use our business to make a difference to the people and planet around us. It’s more important than ever right now, so here are some of the ways we’ve been trying to do our bit.

re-route the fruit

With lots of places closed, we’ve had some unsold drinks going spare. We’ve been giving them to all the most important people we can think of, like hospital workers, food banks, and cocooning families in need. So far we’ve given away over 370,000 drinks across four countries which is about 164,000 pints, or a night out with your local rugby team.

giving back

Along with the innocent foundation, we're donating €1million to charities around the world that are tackling the crisis. We reckon cheques will come back into fashion soon. You’ll see.

raising money for old friends

Over the years the little hats on our smoothies have raised €170,000 for Age Action. We’ve given Age Action another €15,000 to help them make sure older people don’t go through the lockdown alone. We’re encouraging others to spare a few quid too - it’s an easy way to help, and you don’t even have to leave the sofa.

getting the nation growing

We’ve beefed up our Big Grow campaign and sent out 7,000 extra veg seed packs to help kids stay busy growing... for about five minutes a day. If anyone’s got any suggestions for the other 23 hours and 55 minutes, we’d love to hear them.

just keep knitting

We’re sending out 600 free knitting packs to craft fans, so they can use their spare time to make hats for the Big Knit and help Age Action. If your hands ever get bored during a video call, feel free to knit one too.

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