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brighter bottle, brighter future

how we're taking responsibility for our packaging at innocent

Our mission has always been, and always will be, getting healthy drinks to people to help them live well and die old. At the moment, plastic bottles are the most sustainable way of doing that. We're on the case for making sure that plastic is treated in the right way so it has much less impact on the environment.


the story so far

We’ve been front and centre of the recycling movement since we started using recycled plastic in our bottles 15 years ago. Every single thing we make is 100% recyclable and we’re encouraging everyone that drinks our drinks to recycle every bottle, every time.


a recycling revolution

We’re excited to announce that we're a founding member of a pioneering new plastic initiative led by an environmental charity called WRAP along with the Ellen MacArthur foundation. It's all about being part of the recycling revolution.


our brighter bottle

We’ve created an extra special bottle for our smoothies. It’s made from 50% recycled plastic and 15% plant plastic. By 2022, we plan to make all of our bottles out of 100% renewable stuff. We're already well on the way, so watch this space.

the story so far

the past, present and future of our packaging


Every question we’ve ever been asked about plastic and recycling answered here.

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