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sustainable production

We have an outsourced supply chain and since day one we’ve always chosen to work with suppliers that share our passion for doing business responsibly and leaving things better than we find them. It’s extremely important to us that the suppliers we work with share our values and we work with them to reduce the amount of energy, water and waste in our supply chain.

We set ambitious targets with our suppliers each year, monitor and discuss performance with them quarterly and work with them on projects that will help them reach their goals. Towards the end of 2016 we launched a new “Hero Supplier programme” with a framework for assessing every aspect of their commitment to sustainability.

We also ran a series of sustainability workshops to tap into the enthusiasm and problem-solving capabilities of the employees at our production sites. These workshops identified over 200 energy, water and waste saving ideas including changing equipment pressure, creating more recycling areas, and installing light motion sensors. As well as saving carbon emissions and water, these projects are improving employee engagement at our sites and saving our suppliers money. Everyone’s a winner.