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We take a unique approach to getting our employees involved in sustainability. As part of our 2020 sustainability strategy, we’ve asked that every single person in the company have a sustainability ‘role’ as part of their job description, there are four to choose from. This is along with a specific objective that they’ll deliver each year. That way, the people running our business are always thinking about sustainability too.

how to be an agitator:

Always be on the lookout for how to do things better. Be creative, come up with ideas to change how your team (or the company) could work more sustainably. Don't be afraid to question unsustainable behaviours, think of ways that leave things better than we find them.

our hero agitator - Jasper

Jasper has been beavering away at making sustainable changes to the way our office works, all under the radar.

Alongside being a key member of our sustainability ideas council, Jasper has purchased super sustainable picnic benches outside (and even donated the old ones to a local school), sourced more sustainable office furniture, hired greener couriers and most recently changed our waste collection contracts.

We know that waste isn't the most glamorous thing, but this new waste collector is worth a quick mention. One of the most sustainable waste collectors in the UK, they aim to recycle up to 90% of all our office waste with high-tech waste processing and the rest will be incinerated to create energy.

Jasper identified all of these opportunities and acted on them, which is what being an agitator is all about.

how to be an activator:

Be responsible for delivering an element of the strategy. Think about everything you do with a sustainability lens. Don't ask, just go for it. Take actions that help us meet our goals.

our hero activator - Graham

Graham is a consistent support for the sustainability team, ensuring that we always build sustainability into our packaging, and this is no new thing.

Graham and his team are the heroes making sure that all the materials we use are widely recyclable and that all our paper packaging is FSC certified. Graham is also in charge of making sure our packaging is as light as possible to keep our carbon footprint as low as it can be.

As part of our 2020 sustainability strategy, Graham is in charge of making sure that we reach our goal of incorporating bio-based plastics.

how to be a protector:

Be responsible for guarding one or more of our commitments. Directly support our sustainability strategy through your role. Hold your team and others across the business accountable for their decisions and the sustainability impacts associated with them.

our hero protector - Ami

Ami has a role which spans all areas of the business. As a strategy manager in the finance strategy and planning team, her role means that Ami is in a unique position to work with and influence many of the teams across our business.

This role doesn't necessarily require Ami to view the work she does with a sustainability lens, but the fact that Ami is always looking for the sustainability angle in all areas that she influences makes her a great example of a protector.

One example of this is Ami's work to get team one-pagers to represent and incorporate our new sustainability strategy.

how to be an ambassador:

Be responsible for sharing our strategy and ambitions with others. Inspire wider change with our customers, suppliers and drinkers (and beyond, by looking for opportunities to share our sustainability stories more widely than our immediate connections). Use our work on sustainability to show others that innocent is a business we should all be proud of.

our hero ambassador - Emily

Everyone has the opportunity to be an ambassador for sustainability, and Emily C has really taken this opportunity with both hands.

Working with Asda, Emily has encouraged both her team and the sustainability team to apply for an Asda Sustain & Save Award for our Spanish strawberry project. Rhian and Emily's hard work on our application meant that we won the 'investing in the future' award.

Throughout this process, Emily has taken her ambassador status one step further, talking to previous colleagues, individuals and teams to drum up support and votes for our application. Emily has even given us feedback from people that have seen our application and loved the project.

Just one small example of someone making a big difference.