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getting our employees involved in sustainability

One of the innocent values is to be responsible and we expect all our employees to live the values every day. Being responsible to us means not being lame, and leaving things better than you find them. That might mean washing up a dirty cup in the sink, using the right recycling bin or taking the stairs rather than the lift. We provide everyone with recycled notepads, bike racks, showers, re-usable cutlery and crockery to name a few things.

We also started a sustainability ideas council which gives people the chance to send ideas about how the business could do things better. The council is made up of interested volunteers from across all different areas of the business. If someone on the council loves an idea, they can take the idea and make it happen. As a result of the council we’re going to be paperless by 2020, we’ve switched to environmentally-friendly cleaning products and have replaced polystyrene packaging with sheep’s wool when sending parcels.

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