what’s this Big Rewild business all about then?

at innocent we're dreamers. But for every small dream (fingers crossed for no queue at the coffee shop on Monday morning), we have much bigger ones too. Big important dreams to make this world a better place, even just a little bit.


and how is our orange juice carbon neutral?

We work out how much carbon it takes to make our orange juice


We then work with our partner South Pole, to support projects that remove or stop the same amount of carbon from being released into the air.

Scroll down to read the full detail about our carbon offsetting projects


That's how it stays carbon neutral

We also use oranges instead of coal


Not only that, but we've also put some of the cost of our juice towards local rewilding projects that are helping bring nature back


And of course, we’re already hard at work reducing our emissions in line with our science based targets for the longer term


here’s a bit more about those projects we mentioned:

Vaupés Forest Protection

In Columbia, this project helps 75 communities who have protected their Amazonian forest for generations. It supports sustainable land use, provides food and offers jobs for locals.


Guanaré Forest Restoration

This project restores damaged grasslands in Uruguay to improve soil quality and biodiversity, and suck up carbon from the atmosphere. It also creates job opportunities in this rural part of the country.


Envira Amazonia Tropical Forest Conservation

Our first project protects and conserves Brazilian tropical forest from logging and growing cattle ranches. It also helps biodiversity and supports local communities through sustainable farming programmes.


“yes, but you still haven’t told me what rewilding is”

Sorry. Rewilding basically means giving places back to nature by planting, growing and looking after the land. It locks up carbon, helps biodiversity and improves our health and wellbeing. It probably makes everything smell a bit nicer too.

And we’re going to be doing lots of it. In fact, the plan is to restore 2 million hectares of land by 2025. (That’s the size of Wales, if you’re asking.)*

*The country, not those big whistling things that live in the sea

the story behind the rewilding

why are we doing this again?

Well, we're in a climate crisis. An emergency. A big old panic. Whatever you want to call it – there's too much carbon in the atmosphere, and that’s bad for our planet. The planet’s temperature is on the rise, and if we don’t tackle it soon, we’re all going to be in a right state.

this is not fine

so here’s what we're doing already

We know the most important thing we can do to tackle the climate crisis is to reduce our emissions. That is why we’re building a super-sustainable, carbon-neutral factory and reducing our emissions across everything we do. The big plan is to be fully carbon neutral by 2025. We know we mentioned that already, but we’re proud of it.

If you fancy going a bit deeper, click here to find out what we’re up to in a bit (a lot) more detail. It’s like a super-secret info club for climate geeks.


this is what we’re doing this year

We are investing in high quality offsetting projects to offset the emissions associated with every bottle of orange juice that we sell this year. We're also teaming up with local organisations to create and protect fruit orchards in Europe, as well as asking you lot to get involved and get rewilding yourselves.

To learn about what we’re up to in your area (and get involved)

fireman in forest

our carbon milestones in a handy timeline

Check out what we're doing about that pesky thing called carbon and how we're on a journey to being carbon neutral by 2025.


We manage to cut the emissions in each drink by 5% from over the last 2 years. 

co2 -5%


We have our Science Based Target approved. This means we need to cut our operational emissons (Scope 1 and 2 for the climate geeks) to zero by 2030. We also need to reduce the emissions in each product (scope 3) by 50% in the same timeframe (from a 2019 baseline)



our brand shiny new carbon Neutral blender comes online. We also buy some rather snazzy electric powered trucks.



We adopt a target to be net zero by 2040 (this means we will have to reduce our emissions by about 80-90% by then).


2022 (right here right now)

We launch the Big Rewild and our first carbon neutral product, orange juice.



We'll reduce the emissions in each drink by 20% (from 2019)



we will be a carbon neutral business



We'll cut the emissions in each drink by 50% and also reduce our operational (scope 1 & 2) emissions to zero.



we will be net zero (80-90% reduction in emissions)