sourcing stories

putting our best fruit forward

We get our fruit and veg from all over the shop*. Mangoes from India. Oranges from Brazil. Strawberries from Spain. But we don't just pick any old farms to get them from. While it's important that we get hold of the tastiest ingredients we can, it's even more important that we source them in a sustainable way that's fair to the people who grow them and the planet they're grown on. Pick through our sourcing stories below to find out how we've saved water with our strawberry growers, made life better for bees with some of our apple suppliers, and supported farming communities by buying Fair Trade coconuts.

*we don't actually get our fruit from shops

strawberries that drink less

Our strawberries might look just like regular strawberries, but there’s something a bit more special about them. They’re not as thirsty as your run-of-the-mill berries, which means massive water savings for our farmers in Spain.

image of a hand picking strawberries

well-watered mangoes

Mangoes like things to be just right when it comes to rainfall. Too little and they won’t grow. Too much and you’ve got some seriously soggy fruit. Here's how we're working with our Indian mango farmers to make the most of it.

image of a large mango fruit

making apples even greener

The little guys that do our pollinating are more important than ever. With the help of some of our apple growers, we're building a bunch of bee hotels to look after them, so they can look after us (and our apples).

image of apples in a garden

caring for coconuts

By buying Fair Trade coconuts, we’re helping farmers in a bunch of different ways. From tree replanting to community projects, the aim is to change the coconut industry for the better.

man holding coconuts

the bodyguards

Our fruit looks out for our farmers and the planet. Here's how it looks out for your body as well.

Image of fruits and greens