things we do for people

helping our fellow humans

Humankind is pretty special. Not only are we a funny, clever and lovable bunch, we also have opposable thumbs and are largely responsible for the invention of chocolate cake. But we know that some people face more challenges than others and we want to do our bit to redress the balance. That's why we help the world's hungry through the innocent foundation, support lonely older people through the Big Knit and are working hard to make life more equal for everyone else. Fingers crossed we'll have it all fixed soon.

giving back

we give 10% of profits to charity

We've been giving our profits to charity for years. Go back to 2003 and we dished out 46% of them, nearly bankrupting innocent in the process. Since then, we've worked out how to give money to good causes without creating too much stress for our finance team, and have donated more than £15 million along the way. Money very well spent.

twdfp giving hero

the innocent foundation

The majority of that 10% goes to the innocent foundation, a charity we set up in 2004 with the aim of helping the world's hungry. The foundation has two main goals. The first is to stop children dying of hunger, and the second is to help the poorest families feed themselves. Find out more about what the foundation does, how they do it and how us lot at innocent get involved.


the big knit

Weâ ve been running the Big Knit since 2003. Up until now, our incredible volunteers have knitted over 7.5 million hats, meaning together weâ ve raised over £2.5 million for Age UK. And weâ re excited to raise even more for them this year. If youâ ve ever made a hat or bought one from us, thanks very much. Youâ re a real bobble dazzler.

big knit

the big grow

The Big Grow is all about getting people (kids especially) to grow their own veg at school and home. We work with GIY, the experts in growing stuff yourself, to give thousands of kids across the UK and Ireland everything they need to grow their veg. Thatâ s a lot of green fingers. Watch out Alan Titchmarsh.

big grow

championing equality

everyone deserves to be equal

It might sound a bit Miss World, but it's true. One day, we'd like to live in a society where everyone is treated kindly, paid fairly and respected in everything they do. We don't reckon that's too much to ask. In the meantime, here's some stuff we're doing to make sure we're walking the walk while talking the talk.

equality min

human rights

It takes a lot of people to make our drinks, and how theyâ re treated is really important to us. Every single person on the planet has fundamental human rights and we want to do everything we can to make sure those rights are upheld in everything we do. 

human rights

inclusion & diversity

No one should miss out on opportunities because of their age, gender, race, belief, sexuality, disability, mental health or any other characteristic that makes them unique. That's why we're doing everything we can to make sure innocent is a truly inclusive and diverse place to work.


things you can do

We have great ambitions to change the world, but there's only so much we can do on our own. To really make things happen, we need other businesses and people like you to join in too. Find out what you can do to help (some of it might be easier than you think).