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fancy saving the world?

Greta. Gandhi. Attenborough. That guy called Swampy who used to dig himself into tunnels to stop roads being built. We all need people who are willing to stand up (or lie underground) for what's right. But we also need people who are ready to do their bit in any way they can, no matter how small it might be.

We have big dreams to make the world a healthier and better place to live, but there's only so much we can do on our own. To really change things for the better, we need people like you (and the businesses you work for) to get involved too. Here are a few little tips we've pulled together that can make a difference to the planet we live on and the people we share it with.

how to help

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how to help


as a person

as  a person

buy from B Corps

Next time you’re out shopping, think about switching (if you can) to a brand that’s B Corp certified. All B Corps have to meet really high environmental and social standards, which means your money is always going towards something good. You could even get your own workplace to think about becoming a B Corp too.


pledge to reduce your carbon footprint

We all know that climate change is a hot topic, and there are lots of things we can collectively do to lighten our carbon footprint. We've found Do Nation really handy – they help you work out what small changes you can make to reduce your footprint and calculate how much carbon you could save. We're also big fans of the Count Us In project. It highlights 16 simple steps everyone can take and is on a mission to get a billion people involved.

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set it off

It's not just businesses that should be going carbon neutral. People should be doing it too. Once you've done everything you can to cut down your carbon emissions, find an offset provider to offset the rest. Then you can go around proudly announcing how carbon neutral you are. Well worth the money.

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search sustainably

We’re big fans of supporting our fellow B Corps. If you want a free and easy switch, try using Ecosia as your search engine. It’s just like any other search engine, but they use their profits to plant trees instead. So next time you're trawling the internet for compilation videos of people falling over, you could be planting trees too.

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support the UN's sustainable development goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are “the blueprint to achieve a better and sustainable future for all”. There are 17 goals on the UN website (from ending hunger to making cities more sustainable) and lots of useful advice on how you can support them.

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as a business

as  a business

become a B Corp

We became a B Corp back in 2018 and it's one of the best things we've ever done. By joining together with more than 3,500 other companies who believe in using business as a force for good, we're part of a movement to make business more responsible and sustainable. Take the first step to becoming one too by filling out a quick assessment of your company.  

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map your footprint

If you're not sure what impact your business is making on the planet, mapping your carbon emissions is a good place to start. We first started mapping ours in 2004 and it's helped us make some big decisions about things like packaging and the way we source our fruit. Head over to (they're a fellow B Corp) to kick things off. For something a bit more tailored, we'd suggest talking to a specialist consultant or getting a really brainy person to join your team. If you want to know more about who we've worked with, drop us a line

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