what we're looking for

Our people are what makes innocent great. It’s all well and good having a smart office and a fancy logo, but without the right people we wouldn’t be where we are today. To keep us heading in the right direction, we need to hire curious, creative new people with brilliant fresh ideas. We want them to understand and embody our values, make innocent a place that works for everyone and help others be the best version of themselves. Have a read through a more detailed list of what we’re looking for here.

game raisers

We want people who take responsibility for their own development and can see opportunities all around them. The ones who roll up their sleeves, get stuck in, and won’t stop until they get an answer.

game raiser


We look for people who understand complicated stuff and make it simple. People who are comfortable working through confusing situations, and can get creative to come up with great solutions.



Great leaders spot opportunities and if they’re 70% sure, they go for it. We want them to leave things better than they found them, not wait to be asked and continuously strive to improve. They’ll need to embrace change and be resilient in the face of the occasional setback. 


team players

We’re after people who are great at building relationships across the business. People who look for strengths in their team, are generous with feedback and will contribute to our wider culture. 


people who deliver

We recruit people who play their part in getting us to where we want to be. They can see what adds the most value and are up for taking a risk if they spot a great opportunity. Ultimately, we want people who can deliver a great result for us.