human rights

Here at innocent, we like people and think it’s only right that they’re treated with dignity and respect. Every single person on the planet has fundamental human rights and we want to do everything we can to make sure those rights are upheld in our business, our supply chains and the wider communities we have an impact on. That’s why we only ever work with suppliers who agree to operate under the terms of our human rights policy, and why we go beyond basic auditing standards to genuinely improve the lives of people working in our supply chains.

our human rights policy

 Our policy shares the standards we expect to see when it comes to human rights. While it might not give Dickens a run for his money, it’s really important for setting expectations for our suppliers and us lot here at innocent. If we ever see anyone violating them, we'll jump into action and make any changes that need to be made to protect the people being impacted.

human rights

our modern slavery statement

We won’t stand for any form of slavery or trafficking being part of how we make our drinks. While we’ve not seen any evidence of slavery in our supply chains (and constantly check to make sure we never will), we always put together this annual statement so we're holding ourselves to our own high standards.

slavery statement

farming champions

Farming is a tough job. That's why we're working with all of our farmers to make sure our ingredients are grown in a way that’s good for the people who grow them and the planet they’re grown on. By 2023, we're aiming for every ingredient to be 100% sustainably sourced.

human rights farming