top tips

Popping in for an interview? Great news, we’ve got our fingers crossed for you. All interviews are really exciting, but we know that some can feel a bit daunting too. So we’ve written these top tips to cover a few of the basics, meaning you can concentrate on the important stuff – like being on time, making sure you’ve switched your phone off, and deciding which smoothie you’re going to try.

wear what you want

Our dress code is casual (and, in some cases, unreasonably scruffy) so it’s up to you what you’d like to wear for your interview. If you feel like dressing smart, come smart. If you feel weird wearing a suit then come less formal. Just make it a step up from your dressing gown. 

party hat

know where you're going

Jot down our address so you don’t get lost, and have the banana phone number handy in case you do.


memorise a name

Remember who to ask for when you get to reception. There are lots of lovely people that work here, we just need to know which one you’re here to see.

hello name

try not to ramble

Clear, concise answers are always best.


ask us questions

Have a few burning questions ready — remember it’s a two-way process.


enjoy the free drinks

You’ll get a smoothie or two when you come in for an interview (they’re quite good).

free drinks


We’re really not that scary, so don’t stress about it too much. Just be yourself and the best version of it.