our values

Our values are a big part of what makes us, us. We wrote them to remind ourselves how to do business in the right way, so we make sure we live by each and every one. We use them in our weekly catch-ups and our end-of-year reviews, in big meetings, small meetings and chats around the coffee machine. They’re even plastered on the walls and hung in every bathroom. Have a read through and if you like them, maybe you can hang them up in your own loo.

how to live the values

innocent values cres


• Be yourself, and the best version of it.
• Speak up – honestly and openly.
• Treat others the way you’d like to be treated – drinkers, customers, everyone.
• Look after yourself and others.


• Make things happen – don’t wait to be asked.
• If you’re 70% sure, then go for it.
• Never, ever give in – find a way that works.
• Be flexible and open to change.


• Keep promises and stick to commitments.
• Leave things better than you find them – in the kitchen, the business or the wider world.
• Own your bit towards our collective success.
• Don’t be lame.


• Always negotiate – be tough and get a great result.
• Match the time put in to the value created.
• Keep the main thing the main thing.


• Give quality real-time feedback to everyone, and don’t miss out the tough stuff.
• Make time to say thanks and celebrate success along the way.
• Stay connected and inclusive.
• Lend a hand with time, skills, experience and cups of tea.