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We started putting little hats on our smoothies back in 2010, donating 30c to Age Action for every behatted bottle sold.

we're working on the next big knit, but you don’t need to wait to get started, as we’re taking deliveries of your woolly wonders as we speak.

Every hat is important, whether it’s as neat as a pin or as homemade as a pasta portrait. Knit one, knit loads - you’ll be making a huge difference either way. You can take a look at all our knitting and crochet patterns here to help you get started.

you can drop your hats to one of our library collection points here.

Otherwise, pop them in the post to us:

Big Knit


24/26 City Quay

Dublin 2

D02 NY19

along with a note that has:

your name and address*

how many hats you've knitted

the date

If you’ve ever made a hat, or bought a hat, thanks very much.

You’re a total gem.

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