10% for good causes

Ever since we started, we’ve given 10% of our profit to good causes. These days that goes towards helping people to live well through the goodness of fruit & veg. Here are a few of the ways we’re going about it: 

good causes




finding ways to make it easier for people to benefit from the goodness of fruit & veg:

  • We’re working with charity partners and educators to let more people know about the nutritional benefits of fruit & veg. 

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  • We're doing our bit to tackle world hunger alongside the innocent foundation

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making it easier for our communities to live well:

  • We're helping our farming communities to be more resilient with better access to long-term employment.

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playing a part in ensuring the goodness of fruit and veg is available for generations to come:

  • We're supporting local NGOs with their biodiversity projects, helping to protect global forests and bringing nature to urban areas through the Big Rewild.
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  • Through our Farmer Innovation Fund, we're helping our farmers improver biodiversity, boost their livelihoods and capture carbon. That's a triple win.

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