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build a hedgehog house

You’d think that any animal as spiky as the hedgehog would be able to look after itself but they’ve struggled a bit in the last 20-or-so years. The good news is that we can all lend a hand by building them a place to lay their heads. Here’s everything you need to do to make them comfortable (but whatever you do, don’t add an airbed).


you'll need

a large storage box

something to cut the box

some logs, leaves and bark

Step 1

Choose a good spot for your hedgehog home. Pick somewhere quiet, sheltered and along the edge of the garden.


Step 2

 Place the box upside down and cut a square door (15cmx15cm) at the front. This is definitely a job for an adult.


Step 3

Poke lots of small ventilation holes along the sides of the box. Again, it’s best an adult does this bit.

Step 4

If you’re using a cardboard box, cover it loosely with a plastic sheet so it won’t get damaged in the rain.

Step 5

Make a bed of dead leaves inside the box then scatter more near the entrance.


Step 6

Hedgehogs prefer nice-looking homes so cover the box with logs and bark. Lean a small twig across the entrance. If it moves, you might have guests.


Step 7

Don’t forget to clean out your hedgehog house every year. The best time to do it is in October, which is just before they go into hibernation.

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