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stuff to do this winter

go apple bobbing

Tired of holding an apple in your hands like a boring normal person? Why not showcase your wild outlook on life by biting into your next apple without using your hands, and giving your eyebrows a wash in the process?

InnocentDrinks, person holding 3 apples

step 1

Find a big bowl, plastic container or bucket (make sure it’s thoroughly clean – use child-safe disinfectant) that can easily hold over five apples.

InnocentDrinks, bucket

step 2

Fill it up with clean water and bung all your apples into it.

InnocentDrinks, bucket of apples

step 3

Try and pick up an apple using just your mouth.

InnocentDrinks, child apple bobbing

step 4

Try again.

step 5

And again.

step 6

Top tip: Try and come up with different games or races and challenge your friends.

outside our drinks

stuff to do this winter

We had a load of snow-based activities written here, but you’ve got as much chance of snow in winter as sun in summer, so enjoy our non-snow-based activities below.