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go bird watching

You don’t have to head far before bumping into loads of different types of wildlife – sometimes they’re right outside your front door. Just point your eyes to the skies and see what you can find. 

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Step 1

You can do this from indoors or go outside. Just look up into the trees (you can use binoculars or just your eyes). 

Step 2

See how many of the following birds you can spot: 

a. blackbird 

b. robin 

c. woodpecker 

d. blue tit 

e. goldfinch 

f. wren 

g. wood pigeon 

h. magpie 

i. house sparrow 

j. great tit 


InnocentDrinks, bird on a tree

Step 3

Jot them down in a notepad with their names (as in 'blackbird', not 'Steven'). 

InnocentDrinks, girlf drawing

Step 4

Have a go at drawing one of them. Like Steven the blackbird. 

InnocentDrinks, drawing of bird

outside our drinks

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