outside our drinks

make a bird feeder

Keep birds topped up on snacks when they pay your garden a visit, and get a closer look at them while they’re busy nibbling their treats.   



you’ll need:

lard or coconut oil 

bird seed  

dried fruit  


chopped nuts  

a pinecone or half a coconut shell or a yoghurt pot


Step 1

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Then add the lard or coconut oil until it all sticks together.  


Step 2

Cover a pinecone with the mixture, or fill the inside of a coconut shell or yoghurt pot (making sure there aren’t any sharp corners).  

Step 3

Hang the pinecone or coconut shell from a tree or porch with string. If you’re using a yoghurt pot, you can pop it on an outside table.


Step 4

Sit back and watch your feathered friends enjoy the feast. 


outside our drinks

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