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stuff to do this winter

make a magic watercolour

Want to see a magical piece of art appear before your very eyes? Try this clever trick and exactly that will happen.

InnocentDrinks, child painting on paper

you'll need:
white crayons or a white wax candle
different coloured watercolours
a paintbrush
white paper
a cup of water

step 1

(Do this first part in secret) Get your piece of white paper and draw a nature design on it using the white crayon or the bottom edge of your candle. It’ll be tricky as you might not be able to see the lines you’ve just drawn. Practice makes perfect.

InnocentDrinks, candle

step 2

Hand it over to someone else.

step 3

Make sure they dab their paintbrush into the water and rub it onto their chosen watercolour colour.

InnocentDrinks, paint and paintbrush

step 4

Once they’ve got a nice brush full of paint, get them to wipe it over the paper in big strokes.

InnocentDrinks, child painting on paper

step 5

Your original design will magically appear.

step 6

Once they’ve covered the whole piece of paper in paint, wait for it to dry.

step 7

Pop it up on the wall, or in a frame. Then call up your nearest art gallery and prepare to take the art world by storm.

InnocentDrinks, child and adult woman high fiving

outside our drinks

stuff to do this winter

We had a load of snow-based activities written here, but you’ve got as much chance of snow in winter as sun in summer, so enjoy our non-snow-based activities below.