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make a mini pond

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want as much nature in your garden as possible (as well as some sort of massive water slide). Follow these simple steps and you’ll end up with a neat little pond that should attract a bunch of visitors, from frogs to dragonflies. Promise us one thing though: you’ll send us an invite if you decide to add the slide. 

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you’ll need: 

a watertight container (could be a wide bucket or plant pot) 

some stones (small and big) 

a few pond plants 

Step 1

Find a good spot on the ground for your pond. Choose somewhere that gets light and shade over the course of the day.  


Step 2

Add a layer of small stones to the bottom of the container. Place some bigger ones in the corners so that frogs and other critters can climb in and out. 

stone decoration

Step 3

Fill the container with water (rainwater is best). 


Step 4

Nestle the pond plant roots under the layer of small stones. Use some plants that stay under the water level and some that stick out above it. 

Finish it off with steps up the outside of the container (a pile of rocks is perfect) then wait for your guests to arrive.  

complete pond

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