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make a natural composter

Here’s a fun, easy activity that’ll help you turn a few bits you might throw in the bin into compost. That’ll also mean you can keep waste out of landfill (and there’s nothing rubbish about that). 

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you’ll need: 

an empty two-litre bottle 

a drawing pin 

a handful of dirt 

some shredded newspaper 

a few leaves you found on the ground 

food scraps 

Step 1

Cut the top off the bottle and use the drawing pin to pierce a few small holes on the bottom and along the sides. 


Step 2

Place the dirt, shredded newspaper and leaves into the bottle then sprinkle a little water over them. 


Step 3

Add your food scraps (avoid dairy and meat), place it in the sunlight and cover the top with a cloth. It’s probably best to put a tray underneath the bottle. 


Step 4

Give the contents a stir every couple of days. Add a bit more water when you’re done. 

Watch the food scraps break down over time and turn into compost.  


Step 5

Use the compost to grow your very own plant. Pop it in a pot, add some seeds and water it daily. [could link to our grow your own veggies activity etc] 


Step 7

Give yourself a pat on the back for keeping waste out of landfill. 


outside our drinks

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